Friday, July 24, 2015

Garden of Eva Raid Bosses (Niniel, Fafurion, Milenu, 3rd Guardian)

When you reach the lowest level inside the Garden of Eva (check this video how to get there:

  use "Unlock" skill that daggers have and open the Secret Walls. You will need at least a level 40 dagger and 5 Thief Keys for each door. Be careful that sometimes the skill will fail (so bring many keys with you) and after a while the doors will close so you will have to open them again.

The raid bosses alive in this video: Eva's Spirit Niniel, Fafurion's Envoy Pingolpin and The 3rd Underwater Guardian. Unfortunately, Eva's Guardian Milenu was dead when I've recorded the video.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thief Kelbar Raid Boss

Thief Kelbar is a level 44 Raid Boss with level 43 minions. It is resistant to Bow/Crossbow and can use Hold on you in order to root you. It can be found South of Hunter's Village.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Noblesse Quest

You can start this quest when you reached level 75 on your subclass.

1. Talk to NPC Cerenas in Goddard town.
2. After the short video, talk to Cerenas again.
3. Go to Hot Springs (in Goddard area) and kill 1 Quest Monster "One Who Eats Prophecies".
4. Go back to Priest Cerenas in Goddard.
5. After you watch the short movie, talk to Cerenas again.
6. You will be ported near NPC Goddess of Water "Eva's Avatar". She will give you a scroll to port to Hot Springs.
7. Once you were ported, use the Empty Hot Spring Water Bottle and the Summoning Stone in order to summon fairy Lanya.
8. Talk to Lanya and go kill Hot Springs Yeti, Hot Springs Bandersnatch and Hot Springs Grendel in order to get 10 quest items.

9. After you collected all the quest items, go back and summon Lanya again using the summoning stone.
10. Use the scroll and port to Forge of Gods. Click the Fire Flowers and double click the trowel in order to collect all 5 quest items.
11. Summon fairy Lanya using the Summoning Stone. (make sure your inventory weight is below 80% and the quantity is below 90% in order to proceed with the quest...)

12. Use the scroll, port to Isle of Prayer and kill Seychelles, Naiads, Sonneratias, Castalias, Chrysocollas and Pytias in order to gather 10 quest items.
13. Once you finished gathering the quest items, use the Summoning Stone to summon fairy lanya and talk to her.
14. Use the Scroll of Escape: Secret Room and talk to Cerenas.
15. Cerenas will port you near the NPC Goddess of Water "Eva's Avatar".
16. Use the Scroll of Escape: Rune Castle, target the Helping Tree Summon Device and use the Helping Seed.

16. Use the Scroll of Escape: Rune Castle, target the Helping Tree Summon Device and use the Helping Seed.
17. Go talk to Priest Cerenas and he will port you near the NPC Goddess of Water "Eva's Avatar".
18. Talk to NPC Goddess of Water "Eva's Avatar" and finish the quest.

Congratulations, you are now a Noblesse!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ertheia Awakening Quest (part 2)

After you went to to Faeron Village and talked to Ayanthe (see Ertheia Awakening Quest - part 1), you have to:

13. Talk to NPC Gereth who will port you inside a dungeon.
14. Talk to Kain van Halter and you will be ported into the 1st room where you have to kill all mobs until a door opens.
15. In the second room, kill all the mobs too. After you finish the ones that are already there, a new round of mobs will spawn so kill them to open the next door.
16. You have to also kill the 2 rounds of mobs from the 3rd room.
17. After you finish the 2nd round of mobs inside the 3rd room, a big monster will spawn, Makkum, but you let Kain kill it and you go to the next room.
18. There you talk with the Grail and the Mysterious Wizard that spawns.
19. Be careful to select "Don't lie to me. This is not mine" and "Do not tempt me to covet what is not mine" because the choice cannot be reversed.
20. Talk to Kain van Halter that spawns and he will port you in Faeron Village.
21. Talk to Gereth who sends you to talk to Queen Navari near by.
22. Talk to Queen Navari and finish the quest.

Congratulations, you are now Sayha's Seer! I've also recorded the new skills you will learn if you are interested.

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